GINGERNUT was born out of a combination of things, as so many creative endeavours are. In amongst a pandemic, monotonous days of motherhood, and the becoming of a single mother, I sought purpose. With a background in publishing, a lifelong love of magazines and need for creative self-expression, I decided to do the thing that all creatives are told to do but the very thing we often overlook: write what you know.

It become clear very quickly that all parents were not only willing and happy to share their experiences, but there was a therapy to doing so. A real, deep need. That regardless of how we are bringing our babies into the world, there is a frequency only we can hear as mothers. And that is POWERFUL. It was the fire in my belly and also the soothing balm I needed as I found myself nurturing the life of my baby on my own. My purpose became showcasing and celebrating stories of motherhood, of parenthood, in all of its beautiful, messy, authentic forms. What a gift.

The mag is made by me (in many a coffee shop and my home office) in Bath, a beautiful historic city nestled in the south west of England. I publish issues in February, June and October and there is a Yearly Subscription available! I am branching out into stand-alone issues (Bump to Baby coming in time for Christmas '22) and dream of starting a podcast sometime in 2023.

Thank you for being here, for reading, for telling your stories. 
Edie x